Study Material in SchoolDay

by Team TekSparsha  ·  Oct 31, 2016
Study Material in SchoolDay

Textbooks often provide a great framework to ensure all the essentials of a topic are covered. It provides enough depths to gain an overall understanding of the topic. However, more than often one also needs to refer additional sources if the topic needs to be learnt at further depths. Many libraries and publications provide online resources from authentic sources that students can refer to in order to solidify their uderstanding.

Lately teachers also like to provide personalized class notes and/or additional instructions in electronic formats so students can access them during the course of their curriculum.

At TekSparsha IT Solutions, we constantly strive to make common aspects of life simpler. Learning is one such aspect and so we developed SchoolDay, a Learning Management System that is focused on improving the learning delivery and learning process between Teachers, Students and Parents.

Study Material in SchoolDay

To make the process of finding all relevant study material easier in an organized manner we recently added this new feature. Well, it not only makes finding study material easier, but it also helps organize it by topics (lessons) and even by material type such as Online references, Book references, Online documentation such as GoogleDocs or Office365, Videos, Blogs, etc.

One of the core features that most teachers like to utilize SchoolDay for is ability to create and assign custom worksheets which are then auto-reviewed and auto-graded or optionally returned back to the teacher for reviews. The Study Material created for each Lesson / Topic is now also automatically available within the worksheets and assignments. This allows teachers to drive the culture of looking up references, finding information and an opportunity for students to fill in the gaps in their understanding while being tested for their knowledge.

How it works (Teacher’s point-of-view)

Study material is organized by Lessons. Teachers can maintain study material under every lesson instead of a common large repository and thus prevents informaion-overload and chaos. SchoolDay ensures its availability as students rotate between classes or progress between grades. Thus, in the spirit of allowing teachers to focus on education delivery, there is very minimal maintenance and absolutely no additional effort is required by the teacher in terms of assigning and unassigning to students individually. For example, when a teacher adds an online reference in SchoolDay’s Study Material, it becomes automatically available to students currently enrolled in that class/grade. Continuing on that example, as a new batch of students are assigned to that class/grade, that same study material is automatically made available to the new batch of students.

How it works (Student’s point-of-view)

Student’s can access the Study Material for their class/grades and courses/subjects right from their Dashboards. As mentioned earlier, relevant study material is also automatically made available from the individual assignments.


We are constantly focused on bringing efficiency in the learning delivery and inception process and we know that there may be many further opportunities. Hence we would request you to please provide us your valuable feedback via [email protected] so we can continue to help you make learning better.

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