Launching SchoolDay

by Team TekSparsha  ·  Oct 11, 2016
Launching SchoolDay

We’re now Open. ‘SchoolDay’ is Live!

We’ve been working at it for quite some time now and we are very happy to announce that SchoolDay is now open for educators to help them make learning better.

The Core

When our team at TekSparsha IT Solutions (LLP) started conceptualizing this idea, there was absolute alignment that we wanted to provide a common platform for Teachers, Parents and Students to improve the quality of education delivery. We were very certain that we did not wanted to develop just another “computerized system” for school administration. We wanted SchoolDay to be a part our lives and add value to the foundational aspects of learning. Hence, we like to call it a Learning Delivery System and not just a Learning Management System (LMS).

Value Drivers

SchoolDay is created with teachers, parents and students at it’s core. Some of the key value drivers we’ve focussed on in this release are below.

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Automate and drastically Simplify.

Right from the time a teacher signs-in into the application, we’ve made sure that s/he is not overwhelmed by bunch of menu’s and clicks to perform an action. For example, our Class Attendance feature is not more than 2 clicks away from the sign-in page and does not take more than 60-90 seconds to record attendance. The teacher’s home page is a Smart Dashboard that automatically adapts to the teachers profile. We also provide a bunch of customization options to configure classes, groups, lessons and lesson plans. By the way, the role-based concept makes configuring these customizations very simple.

Usability / Experience.

Not only the usability has been a focus from the point of view of navigating withn the application, but also from the choices of devices that can be used. Teachers can access SchoolDay directly from their phones or tablets. This allows the system to be real-time! As an example continuing on the Attendance feature, teachers can mark attendance right from their smartphones. And when attendance is marked on his/her phones, parents receive an immediate notification. We’ve built notifications as real actionable and navigational elements. They are not just a bunch of action items or a task list which you need to scratch off manually.

Motivation & Automation.

Yes, SchoolDay provides a great blend of a tool to promote motivation for students while being a modern automated tool for teachers. Within a few minutes, teachers can create a library of online worksheets and references for students. These worksheets are auto-graded when the student completed them at home as his/her homework. This will allow teachers to provide more coaching through self-study and online auto-graded worksheets. This also helps parents to participate in a more organized fashion in their kids’ progress.


This is not about just sending automated emails and notifications. In fact, it is not about that at all. We addressed the important aspect of communication with a touch of automation. Parents or teachers can create notes for each other right from within the app. SchoolDay, based on the context, determines the list of participants automatically. We’ve built a usual inbox-like functionality so you feel home while the heavy-lifting is done by the app itself. So, we can proudly now say, “gone are the days when parents & teachers used to send handwritten notes to each other” - because now it is electronic, direct and real-time.

So, here we are -

… and we are excited to be here at this time, especially when globally the methods of education delivery are changing. If you feel you are there, please visit us at or send us a note at [email protected] Even if you are not, do allow us to present a quick demo to evaluate closely if there is any value we can generate for your Institution.

Let’s make learning better….

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